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  • Product Name: Customizable animated electronic paper display E-paper pop
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E-Paper only illustrates animation effects within one static image that was printed translucently onto the overlay. All the effects come out as segmented in the backplane. is diversely applicable to various kinds of medium such as standard POP display, desktop standing display, magazine cover, badge, shelf talker, accessory and etcetera.
Product Features
- Display screen
  (Overlay, E-Paper, backplane)
- Controller with batteries
- Connector
Extra option:
- Frame
- Extension cable for longer connector
- Variable forms
Display types:
- Animated-IIM
- Hybrid-IIM
- Flashing-IIM
- Cover-IIM
Battery types:
- Standard AA
- Coin battery
- Solar cell
Maximum IIM size:
- 600 x 400 mm
(max size of E-Paper)
- Upon request



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