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  • Product Name: Key finder bluetooth anti-lost Tag - Louder key finder
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iTrack 2(GDKT002L Series) is controlled by APP in the intelligent terminal device through bluetooth V4.0(BLE5.0 optional), supporting both IOS and Android system. It works with bluetooth V4.0 smartphone and communicates with smartphones' free APP and works as key finder, anti-lost alarm and camera remote shutter. The volume is three times that of other similar products.






While living a busy life with tense work situation, have you ever gone through these moments?
Our aim is simple, to help our customer to solve those problems with this easy and simple gadget, to keep you away from forgetting and lost things. 
· RING YOUR THINGS FIND LOST ITEMS IN SECONDS;Use your smartphone to make your iTrack ring when it’s nearby but out of sight; The Smart iTrackEasy Application will easily locate your Phone and the iTrack; The App will record the last known position to help you find lost items faster and easier than ever before
· EXTRA BATTERY INCLUDED;Super long battery life, low energy hardware; Based on original bluetooth Chip from the USA working time is 12 to 18 months  and is easily replaceable; LOUD ALERT; iTrack emits an alarm 3 times louder than average allowing you to find your items easily
· SEPARATION ANTI LOST ALARM; Separate beyond a certain range (normally 20 to 30 meters indoors 50 meters outdoors) both the phone and tracker alarms will trigger alerting you; When the iTrack and phone are close again they will reconnect and you will be alerted in no time flat
· FIND YOUR PHONE; Can't find your phone? Simply press and hold the button on your iTrack to make your phone ring even when it’s on silent; CAMERA/SELFIE REMOTE; The button on the iTrack also doubles as a camera remote allowing you to take better easier selfie photos
· ACTIVATE ITRACK COMMUNITY SEARCH;When your iTrack cannot be found mark it as “lost” When other users of the iTrackEasy app pass by your lost item their app will send you the location of your lost item; Our Wireless iTrack Community Network and Navigational Guidance will help you find and retrieve your lost item using your phone or Google maps













1. Please download APP "iTrackEasy" from App Store or Google Play. Or scan the QR code to download.

2. Turn on Bluetooth. Make sure your phone Bluetooth is on.
3. Sign up for New User. Start "iTrackEasy" App and top the "Sign Up".
4. Pair the iTrack to Your Phone
1) Make sure to turn on your phone's Bluetooth
2) Hold the iTrack device close to your phone.
3) Hold the button on the iTrack until you hear a beep and the LED starts flashing.








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Q:What are the advantages of this product compared with similar products on the market?
A:First of all, the volume of this product is three times that of other similar products.
Second, we use imported chips. So the service life of our iTrack is much longer than similar products on the market.





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