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  • Product Name: E-ink Display Development Kit support data partial refresh DESTM32-Tcon-11
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This DESTM32-Tcon-11 board is used to drive Good Display's parallel electronic paper, including the function of  the power supplyand data refresh. It can be a reference for partial refresh solution developer.


DESTM32-T development board including the mainboard DESTM32 L1-11 and adapter board DESTM32-Tcon-11 two parts.

And the pinboard DESTM32-T is used for 4.3 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch E-paper display.

1. 4.3 inch E-Paper Display: GDE043A2

2. 6 inch E-Paper Display: GDE060BA-TGDE060BAGDE060BAFL and GDE060BAFL-T

3. 8 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW080T5





· E paper driver board

· Data partial refresh

· Helpful source code for developer


DEMO does not provide electronic paper screen, the screen must be purchased separately
If you are new to e-paper, then maybe you also need the main board of demo, then visit Following link to order the demo set that matched with these e-papers:
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 DESTM32-T Specification





 Schematic DESTM32-Tcon-11

                   1.1                English        2017-11-24         830.87KB

 Schematic DESTM32-L1-11

                   1.1                English        2017-11-24         779.58KB
 Source code                    1.1                English        2017-11-24          2MB
TPS65185                1.0                 English      2019-02-18        2.37MB
AVT6203A                1.0             English      2019-02-18        1.79MB



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