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  • Product Name: E-paper display kit With Partial Refresh & 16 Grey Level For Parallel Port EPD Panel DESTM32-T
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This Demo Kit is aim to help the developers quickly and smoothly  to use Good Display's electronic paper display.

It is specially designed for the development of electronic paper display with parallel port such as the refresh function of 4.3 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch.The USB serial port functioan added to be convenient to the used Online debugging.

DESTM32 -T development board including the mainboard DESTM32 L1-11 - and adapter board DESTM32 -Tcon - 11 two parts.

This pinboard DESTM32 -T is used for 4.3 inch ,6 inch and 8 inch parallel interface E-paper display.

1. 4.3 inch E-Paper Display: GDE043A2

2. 6 inch E-Paper Display: GDE060BA-TGDE060BA, GDE060BAFL and GDE060BAFL-T

3. 8 inch E-Paper Display: GDEW080T5




Part Number



Drive E-paper Display

Suitable Size




Power Input



Fully refresh/Partial refresh

Grey scale Level

Max 16 grey scale

Operating Temp


Example Code


Recommended Tool

Keil 4

Reserved Function

USB to Serial

Purchase Online

buyepaper   /    Amazon

File Type

Description (Downloadable)



       Update Date


 DESTM32-T Specification





 Schematic DESTM32-Tcon-11

                   1.1                English        2017-11-24         830.87KB

 Schematic DESTM32-L1-11

                   1.1                English        2017-11-24         779.58KB
 Source code                    1.1                English        2017-11-24          2MB
TPS65185                1.0                 English      2019-02-18        2.37MB
AVT6203A                1.0             English      2019-02-18        1.79MB






Q:What is the operating current of the TCON board in standby and swipe mode?
A:After actual testing, the TCON board has a current of 300mA in standby mode and 580mA in refresh mode.
Q:Does the TCON board support temperature sensors?
A:The LM75A chip on the TCON board is the temperature sensor.
Q:How to choose TCON board power supply?
A:Only DC 5V can be selected, and USB power cannot drive the entire TCON board.
Q:What is the difference between TCON board and STM32-L?
A:1: TCON board supports partial refresh         
   2: TCON is an external waveform table, and STM32-L is directly generated by a function.






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