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This Demo Kit is aim to help the users to learn how to use the E-Paper display easier, and it is designed for 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch e-paper display, which is built-in update display function, and we also add the extra function such as Flash controller/SRAM/multiple communication interfaces, two ways of power supply resolution, including 4 reserved LED indicator lights and 4 reserved keys.


Part Number






Input Voltage

5 V



Sample Code

Available(please contact sales)

Working Temperature

-20°C ~+70°C

Main Function

EPD driving & outer SRAM

Additional Function

Reserved Serial ports and 4 keys, USB to serial port, SW simulator.

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For every Demo kit, there got be a LED power light exists on board. While at working status: Green light is appearing, otherwise, light distinguished.
You could optional choose an USB or AC power supplier to consumes power by switch the jumper wire.

Sometimes the current output is not enough by USB type which lead to the whole circuit can’t work normally, so we recommend DC5V type.

Notice that, the USB connector on kit board could not use for data stream, therefor it can not be downloaded by this way.
To download your programs from PC to the kit you may use a standard JTAG port debugger to implement.
Communication interface
We reserved 4 communication interface on the board, one is for bluetooth, another is USB to serial port, the rest are for user’s definition.
Indicator lights
There are 4 lights on this board, which indicate 4.3 inch, 3.5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch E-Paper display status from the left to the right, and you can definite them as your requirements.
4 reserved keys on the board without any definition in Demo code, it is for the user’s development.
4 kinds of display code are integrated in the demo kit by using the dialer to switch.
the dialer vs E-Paper display
When 1 is positioned on, that is for 4.3 inch E-Paper display code and the leftmost indicator light is on at the same time. See the figure below
                            ILE043A2 E paper indicator light and its dialer
When 2 is positioned on ,that is for ILE035A3 display code and the relative indicator light is on. see Pic1 
When 3 is positioned on ,that is for GDE060BA display code. see Pic2
When 4 is positioned on ,that is for GDEW080T5 display code. See Pic3
DEMO does not provide electronic paper screen, the screen must be purchased separately
Tool: The Fire CMSIS-DAP Simulator 
JTAG simulator: The Fire CMSIS-DAP simulator 、SW simulator
How to connect the simulator, display and the board? See the following 
File Type

Description (Downloadable)



Update Date


DESTM32-L Specification





Schematic Diagram DESTM32-L

1.1 English 2017-08-10 173.72KB
Source code 1.0 English 2017-07-27 9.16MB


1.0 English 2017-07-27 732.14KB





Q:Does it support the M4 core?
A:The STM32-L board supports the M4 core, but this is designed for parallel screen.
Q:Does the STM32-L board support partial refresh?


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